Next Album

Zeroing in on the line-up for our next album-on-a-shoestring project.   I was calling it my last album, but that’s kind of depressing, ain’t it?  Well, can’t have that.  Still, making this album as if it were my last, that’s just good philosophy at work.  After all, we mortals don’t ever know of a certainty what’s going to happen.  Best to do it the best we can now, whatever it is.

I was going to name the upcoming magnum opus “Tatt 2” after a character in one of the funnier songs, but I’m not completely sold on the idea.  It will be an album of broader themes, like divestiture of material objects to achieve peace, letting go of anger, and flying pigs.  Still, the ‘tramp stamp’ image is a memorable and provocative one.  I’ll give it some more thought.

Maybe “Pigs on the Wing.” Nah, that would never be popular…