After a busy week last week we have a lull to catch our breath – who needs it?  But it’s all good.  Took the time to record a solo work – just me and the computer.  It was really a nice collaboration – I think it brought us much closer.  Anyway, you can hear my effort at BandCamp by clicking on these words:  “Click Here.”

In other news, as I continue to work on the song list for our next recording session I am working on album art – cartoons to match my cartoony life.  One of the tunes will be “Love Bullet”, a bluesy number with the kind of crunchy dissonant harmonies I love.  Also on this upcoming album I intend to make an honest woman out of “Home By Myself”, preserving the ditty for posterity.   I like libraries and am proud my stuff is in the Library of Congress.

If you would like to support our recording efforts the perfect way to do it is to buy our music on CD Baby or BandCamp.  At BandCamp you can elect to pay way too much money which, of course, would be a big help.  Thank you for your continued support, be it artistic or material.