New and Really Old

We’ve  been working on repertoire for the Tom Rubenoff Swing Orchestra, digging back into the origins of swing dance music for material with titles like “Jive at Five” and “Stompin’ at the Savoy.” Primary to this music is the groove – the four-beat bass and the bounce that makes it go. I have to say the players have an affinity for it – that is to say they really cook. Very much looking forward to keeping the dancers on their feet for the whole set. If they’re having enough fun they don’t sit down.

Meantime The Rubenoff Project is good to record a new album in hopefully the near future as opposed to the distant future. This will be a more rock / R & B centered collection. It will feature some pieces about twisted relationships in the same vein as “Songs of Love, Despair and Regret” as well as some tunes about mindfulness and equanimity. As always an eclectic assortment in a range of styles. T

If you would like to support our efforts to put together this new album, a great way to do that is to buy our music through Bandcamp. There you can choose to pay more for a song or an album. Income from online sales goes directly into funding future work. Thanks in advance for your support.